Day 2

I still miss you! :)

Day 1

Its been long since i saw her hold her hand, hugged her and be with her. Never a day that i dont think about her. Sometimes it makes me cry. Such a pussy* but its ok to cry even though shes moved on im happy shes happy. Now i think shes mad at me. And theres nothing i can do. But loving her even though she doesn’t care hurts but ill be fine. Now i only feel her love through my memories. I wish i had a chance to show her how i love her. I wish. :’)

perfect girl :”(

find someone that scolds you when you do wrong things, find someone who kisses you without brushing your teeth, who Hugs you even if your sweaty, who chooses to be with you rather than anyone else, who takes care of you when your sick, who watches movie with your mom even if your not home, who enjoys feeding you, who loves sleeping beside you in couches or bed, who text you long msg, send you goodnight texts, gives you teddy bears, wants you to hangout with his family, who makes baba when your walking and mistaken it with Sabak haha. if you find this girl never even take her for granted, fool her, break her heart, and never let this girl go.

I had this once :”(

strangers again. :’) Yayay kaayu

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I would always choose my greatest love :)